Bethel Church Ministryh

Ministry Committee

The Ministry Committee seeks to do just what our name implies. We minister to each other within our church family, and together, we minister to others in our community where there are needs.

We provide opportunities for fellowship and ministry through a variety of programs and events.

Check out our activites - monthly fellowship meals - some of which are in conjunction with a special event or program such as:

January is usually a "SOUPER BOWL" MEAL. The NFL has their Super Bowl, and many church youth groups have their "SOUPER BOWL" where they raise money to help feed the hungry. We have a soup meal to go along with the theme.

February - usually Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper the night before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the season of Lent

May - annual May Day celebration with worship outdoors and hot dog lunch after worship with games and fellowship after lunch

June - our annual Homecoming celebration the second Sunday in June with a covered-dish luncheon following worship (usually featuring a guest speaker)

August - Fellowship meal may be in conjunction with Rally Day to begin the new Sunday School year or back - to - school celebration

October - Autumn Leaf Service - outdoors with lunch following worship

The other months, we just get together because we love each other and enjoy the fellowship we share. Sometimes, we plan special events just so we CAN get together !!!

The special worship services are planned by the Worship Committee, and we work  in coordination with them planning meals and activites as needed.

In addition,  to encourage ministry among our church family, we plan events such as:

February - send as many cards as you can this month

April - call Bethel friends and make telephone visits

June - make a visit or 2 or 3 this month

August - send as many cards as you can this month

October - call Bethel friends and make telephone visits this month

December - encourage everyone to give a gift of themselves to someone for Christmas

We encourage everyone to especially remember those who are shut-in or unable to attend worship on a regular basis.

The Ministry Committee also reaches out to those who have special needs in times of illness or loss of loved one or crisis.

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One of our favorite projects is our "MEALS FOR NEIGHBORS' events when we cook meals at Bethel and prepare plates and deliver them to special folks in our congregation and in our community. We do this January, March, May, July or August (depending on Vacation Bible School dates), September, and November.