The Good News

We are always seeking ways to become better disciples. Sometimes, the assumption

is made that the only disciples were those twelve original guys that Jesus personally called to follow Him.

However, we know in our hearts that we, too, are called to be disciples. As believers, we are expected to share our faith and the love of Jesus Christ with anyone we meet, especially those who don't know Him. Also, as believers, we are called to be evangelists.

It's not an option or choice.

If we truly believe that Jesus died on the cross for each of us, then we are called to share that good news and be modern - day disciples in our world. Jesus has paid the price for our sins. He gives us the gift of everlasting life !!!

All we have to do is accept His gift.

There is so much sin and darkness in the world today. Can you imagine dealing with the daily struggles of life without Jesus by your side ?????

Can you  imagine facing a day without Jesus ??

Do you want your relationship with Jesus to be stronger and better ???

We are working and studying to find new and better ways to reach out to those around us who don't have the hope and peace and love of Jesus Christ in their life.

We are called as disciples to be a light in the darkness, and our evangelism committee works and plans ways and events for us to learn how to share our faith and take advantage of every opportunity to introduce someone to Jesus Christ.

He is the Light of the World.

How can we deny anyone the chance to get to know Jesus and have Him in their life?????